I wonder if anyone can help me on this subject. My 11 year old son is interested in starting his own little worm farm for his garden. I have an organic gardening catalog that sells a plastic bin designed for worm farming. The ad says you can recycle your vegetable scraps and enrich your soil. Worms live and breed in the top compartment.

The liquid casings drain through the perforated base into the bottom container where a spout opens to remove the rich tea. It looks like a neat contraption, but the price is $99.00! The 1000 red wiggler worms cost $25.99. It’s a little out of his budget. Does anyone know how to make something homemade that is similar and cheaper? Also any suggested reading for worm farming?

I made a great worm bin from a Walmart (about $6.99) rubbermaid plastic box and a thrift store baking pan. Drill a bunch of holes in the bottom for drainage. Make sure the pan is big enough to catch all the »drippings’ and set something in the pan to elevate the box a little (upended small plastic cups would work well).

Place your box on the supports and add your soon-to-be compost makings. Viola! Holes in the lid or keeping it propped open are also a good idea. I once had a disaster in my office wormbin from inadequate ventilation. Note on the expensive worms: find out if there’s a master gardener/master composter program in your county. They’ll sell you a cupful real cheaply, if not hand it to you outright. And you’ll want those cute little red worms, too, not earthworms.