If anyone has put one up could you give my dh & son any tips on doing this – I think they have about 300 ft. of fence to put up – neither has done a fence before – they did find out the land isn’t level so he had to get some longer posts= Thanks to anyone who can help make this a bit easier or simpler for them.

Back on the farm, We did not have wooden fences but Dad was a stickler about his fences, Always run two strings he said. One to align the tops of the posts and one down close to the ground to align the bottom of the posts. He’s been gone now quite a few years and probably most of his fences as well. But I have to admit his posts were always in line and not leaning one way or the other.

If you are seeking “true” privacy, batt-N-board is the answer. Wood or steel posts, the cost is comparable. Cap and taper the concrete away from the posts at their base to prevent rotting or rusting at the base from water accumulation. Between the posts, use an inverted “V” to prevent the sagging over time. Wood posts and rails need to be treated or cedar for longevity.

Batt-N-Board is only one answer, there are many styles of privacy fences, I much prefer a basket weave fence, easy to build, has less wind load than Batt-N-Board, and has a look that is a little more contemporary and has some character. But the style is up to you, why longer posts? the fence should follow the land.

We just installed to 2 lights underneath our deck which is not covered. How do we complete the job with the new lights without covering the whole underneath of the deck beams? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!