I ruined my walls with a miserable paint job. Well, maybe not ruin but near ruin. I don’t like it. But I cannot/do not want to/am very reluctant to start again and “do the right thing,” whatever that is. So…I was thinking as the miserably creative soul that I am to give it a mottled glazed effect over the miserable job I have on the walls. The reason? Because somehow it’s not all the same coloration and also sometimes the shine comes through, sometimes it doesn’t. (I don’t know why and now I know why people hire professionals.) I have a yellowish-tan paint (2 coats so far) over a tissue-papered covering to hide the flaws in the wall. Yeah, well, what a mistake. Anyway, I’m old/arthritic/ and too annoyed and in somewhat of a hurry to make it look better. Therefore, I thought maybe a lighter shade in a mottled effect would make it look better. But I don’t know how to do this. Should I take a portion of the paint and add water to it and dab it on with a rumpled plastic bag? Any and all thoughts would be welcome.

Do not despair!!! folks here will be able to advise… and it’ll look GREAT!!! when i painted my kitchen the PERFECT color, it was still not right– so i bought 2 shades darker, dry brushed it all over where i could reach– looked like the light was hitting the walls differently LOL… anyway, kept me from having to totally repaint (i had put all furniture & appliances back in place & lived with it a few days before i decided it just was WRONG…)

Sponge painting is very easy and covers a lot of mistakes. Just use a slight shade darker on top of what you have and it comes out great. Don’t use a sponge to big though.

OK, when you use the sponge, would you say to dab it on, or smoosh it on? Do you have a preference?