I recently had my kitchen cabinets replaced by Lowes. They installed a 33 inch wide sink base cabinet. The countertops are coming later this week. They told me that I could install a double sink in this sink base. The sink is a total of 33 inches wide (end to end). The sink is supposed to be installed in a 36 inch base cabinet from what I understand. The person at Lowes told me that it could in fact fit, but the installer would probably have to shave down the sides of the sink base cabinet a bit (on the inside, not visible, which they said wouldn’t affect the strength of the cabinet). BTW I have my refrigerator directly next to the sink cabinet on the left side. My question is- will this work (well)? Any thoughts on the look of it are also appreciated. I do really want a double sink if I can get it.

I am dealing with very same thing. And, this is what I found out. The guy at Lowes said it’s “best” if I use a 36″ base (makes it easier for the installer). The gal at Buchheits (where I plan to buy my cabinets) said a 33″ will work and that they may have to route out the sides a bit, but it’s done quite frequently. My trusted contractor friend (that is known for good cabinet installation work and usually speaks on the level) said that a 33″ will work and that it takes more work for the installer but that it can be done (if they know what they are doing) and that once done properly, that the “routing” will be there for all future double bowl sink installations/change-outs.

He did not say that you couldn’t do it IF there was something (or anything) like a fridge, pantry, door, stove etc nezt to it, or that he would have to see it first, or that “it depends”. (He hasn’t seen the site yet, will be coming nezt week). Bottom line… I think you can do it. But, make sure your installer knows what he is dealing with and how to do it, and if possible; have them see the site or at least describe it to them. And realize you may pay more for the installation as a result. But, once invested, you should be able to change out sinks without more trouble or re-work.

I think it will work. My only question is since you have the refrigerator right next to the cabinet, will you have enough counter room to put items on the counter from the refrigerator? otherwise, it sounds like everything will work well.

The fridge is right on the left of the sink, but the right side is open (about three feet of countertop space on that side) And I have a large peninsula, so countertop space shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll go for it. Lowe’s gave me an installation price that included the double sink, so I won’t accept any higher cost.