What do Ladybugs mean? Signify? Indicate? Where do they come from? What attracts them to one place and not to another? And this is why I ask: At our previous house (1918 – old sloppy windows, empty walls, etc) from within a few months of moving in the second floor bathroom window had ladybugs all around it. Winter and summer – always a few milling about. Despite the fact that in my whole life I have seen maybe a half dozen total. Now, we ended up moving to this house (which I have owned for 25 years and which has never had a single ladybug in or around it) much sooner than we had hoped and there was still a lot of work to be done: the entire second floor was not finished.

So we moved in and I try to work on the second floor bath as often as I can. And I had been tinkering with it (actually gutted it) for more than a year before we moved into the house. Never once was there a ladybug – anywhere. Within about a month of moving in (December) there were three lady bugs milling about on the second floor bathroom window. I then finished the bathroom, trimming out the window, sealing and caulking – etc. I felt a little bad – as they likely came in through some crack or other, but with the room completely sealed and finished – I just came down from there and there are at Least a dozen ladybugs – probably more. Nothing from the old bathroom went up there – everything from the previous house’s second floor bathroom went into the first floor bathroom in the ‘new’ house.

Where there are NO ladybugs now. They ‘appeared’ exclusively in our previous second floor bathroom right after we moved in there maybe ten years ago. They appeared here in our ‘new’ second floor bathroom right after we moved into the house. Does that seem weird to anyone but me? Do they follow us around now?