I had some ridge line shingles crack due to extreme cold this winter and as a result some water stains on the ceilings along the edge in two bedrooms. The roof has been repaired and now I need to do something about the ceilings. I think almost anything I do will require the entire ceiling to be painted due to the age and how they have discolored over the years.

I’d love to hear from others who’ve dealt with this so I can hopefully avoid a lot of trial and error and frustration. I’d love to get rid of the popcorn, but realize that is probably going to uncover other issues that I really don’t want to deal with right now.

There are two products that will keep the stain from bleeding through.
1) White titanated shellac
2) Kilz
BTW, the cold weather is a result of global warming, ala algore

We just finished this though thankfully the contractors did the painting. Yes, they did have to paint the entire ceiling in each room regardless of how small the leak and it looked so much brighter we paid them to go ahead and redo the rooms that didn’t have a leak :) They used Kilz in at least two areas that I’m aware of before painting. I don’t know what they call this texture we have now, it’s not quite flat, but I watched him do the repairs and saw the tool at Sherwin-Williams.

We had to repair a popcorn ceiling years ago and glad I don’t have to do it again. That stuff sucks up the paint by the gallon. I think a good thick roller was important and wear eye covering as that stuff drops off.

Bleach in a spray bottle will kill the stain, however, do not saturate. Oil based KILZ or red lable BIN primer in the spray can will cover the stain.There are a number of white spray paints that may be close matches. The trick is to hold the nozzle away from the area of application to prevent spotting and broadcast a larger area, thus a blending effect.

I would paint first with Kilz then the ceiling paint. One thing about painting “popcorn” ceiling is to only paint in one direction and DO NOT roll back over the wet paint. It will remove the “popcorn”. Go fast and use a good roller. You will need to second coat the ceiling because you can’t give it a good coat since you can’t roll over the wet paint.

Thanks everyone. I got some Zinsser Oil Based Primer and used a sponge brush and carefully dabbed it on the stains and it looks pretty good and didn’t make too much of a mess.