Can anybody suggest a proven way for water leak detection, pertaining to roof leakage? Anybody ever use infrared technology to find leaks?

If you have an attic, look for stains.Or better yet, describe you building.

I’m in a two story detached “shoebox shaped” brick house with a flat sloping roof. Most of the water slides down to the rear into one standing gutter line. But water is in the front room wall of the house from the second floor ceiling all the way down, again, to the first floor front wall. Numerous contractors say the roof does not need replacing and I had the parapet rebuilt three years ago, The (licensed) contractor who rebuilt the parapet comes back repeatedly to fix the leaks and the leaks will stop for two or three heavy rains, BUT then start again. I have been reading about infrared camera technology’s ability to detect leaks. What is your opinion on this or anything else that can help? And, no attic.

I don’t know about this but I’ve always wondered about going into the attic on a bright sunny day and after shutting off as many sources of light as possible to look for leaks this way.

That should work to a degree. By going in the attic when it is raining. wet spots will be cold. However, if the water is running down the top of a rafter before going over the side, the leak may be above the high end of the wet spot.