I have been using a waste oil burner for a few years that works well. It is a Little Dragon design (patented)and uses compressed air and a venturi principal to atomize the warmed oil into a burn tube. I bounce the flame off of an old brake drum that turns cherry red… really cooks when it gets going. However… I am moving to an “off grid” location and would like to setup using a DC blower or inverter driven AC blower for and air source.

I have built a couple of versions of the MEN burner and found that it works fair but is too un predictable to leave for very long. I need something that is simple and dependable. I have a good sized shop including lathe, mill, welder, etc. (diesel generator powered) at my new location with pex tubing in the floor for radiant heat. I am currently using an old wood furnace with the outer covering removed for a shop stove but want to setup to heat water with a dependable waste oil burner … possibly inside this stove. Would love to dabble with a small steam engine in the future to generate DC amps to supplement my battery bank. I have been reading everything I can find and it seems like the Turk burner would be the simplest to build and operate using a small blower for the combustion chamber.

You could probably run a small Stirling engine to run a small air compressor for the Babington Burner or the wast oil burner that you have. I may be able to provide plans for a 3-inch bore and stroke single acting steam engine. Have to finish them and get prints made. No castings required. The engine was finished a year or two ago, but I want to make all the detailed prints and sell them on the web. I used to live in Butte ( 1981 / 82 ) and so I know how cold it gets there. Went to the School of Mines there.