I have always thought that a gas clothes dryer has to be vented to the outside of the house. But now a friendly neighbor tells me that I do not have to go to the outside and I can save all that lost heat by just letting the thing blow into the basement. Is this neighbor just trying to get me to move out?

Maybe but they could also be trying to kill anyone that is in the basement. Not a good idea.

“I have always thought that a gas clothes dryer has to be vented to the outside of the house.” You are correct, for a couple of reasons. You need to vent the products of combustion to the exterior for your
safety. While both gas fired as well as electric cloths dryers are vented to the outside, moisture is the common denominator. Since hot air has the capability to retain more moisture, in suspension, than cold air, the necessity to vent this moist air to natural air, is obvious.

I understand wanting not to lose that heat, but I would not but all that water and combustion by products into my house, seems a very good place to grow mold and mildew at least, if not having you take a dirt nap when the CO levels get too high.

I just recently purchased a home with a gas dry hook up. When I had the inspection done, I asked them did I need a vent to the outside since the was no vent tube to the hole in the floor. They said no, you need a vent for the gas and the lint would be flying all over the place. I too thought of recycling the heat into the house.

I do not agree with that, I am in North Carolina, and venting under the house is illegal and dangerous. LINT can cause mold and be a fire hazzard. Do yourself a favor and vent it outside.

There is is corbonmonoxide in the exhaust from a gas dryer. There is the lint as well. In my experience this needs to be vented outside. If you want to reuse some of the heat they sell vent fins that go on the outside of the vent pipe. This will help distribute some of the heat into whatever room you have the dryer in.