Most of the stuff I have been reading about biodiesel and SVO/WVO says that you can either mix it with petrol diesel or convert it to biodiesel. Unfortunately most of the sites are dedicated to running the stuff in cars, or setting up your own little furnace to burn the stuff. My question is, can I just de-water the WVO that I will get from a restaurant and mix it with some petrol diesel from the gas station and run it in my forced air furnace? The tank is in the garage and it will only be used to heat the garage. The tank for the house is outside so I think on cold days it would solidify too much at least for this year. What type of percentage can I mix that would be OK, and when can I expect problems? On some sites they say you have to alter the furnace to run it on SVO/WVO. Why?

There is a mixture database over in the database part of the forum. I encourage members to put in their data but everybody is pretty busy… there are a few. I think about 20% to 25% wvo to 100 Hho is about the norm. The tank being outside may be a problem. The oil burner does need to modified to run on veg oil. An air/oil preheater plus a compressor in addition to changing the nozzle and adapter. There are a lot photos of the modified burners over in the Photos section of the forum. Just curious, why would you get your diesel from the gas station instead of your oilman?

I have two tanks for oil. One outside the house, the other in the garage. In order to put oil in, the gov’t now requires that tanks be inspected, cost about $75. If I plan to use wvo or wmo or biodiesel then I don’t want to bother getting it inspected for nothing. I found a site that describes making biodiesel for HHO but I was also wondering about wmo.

I’m successfully burning a mix of mixing 20% WVO with 80% HHO in my boiler type furnace with NO changes other than the amount of air the furnace uses. I find that the MIX needs a little more air to burn clean. I have been doing this for about 4 months now. I live in the N.E. USA. About every two weeks I clean the fire end of the burner. It always needs it and takes about 20 minutes. I have not changed the nozzle yet. It burns very well. I am NOT PRE-HEATING ANYTHING in this setup. I did put in a smaller nozzle at the start of this because I wanted to experiment with it. I reduced from a .85 GPH to a .65 GPH and am very happy with it. Let me make myself clear here. I changed to a smaller nozzle prior to using the mix. I got the smaller nozzle running right and then (several days later) changed to the mix. One more thing. I started this whole project with the advice of this forum and a little one on one with Jesse Parris. When I started I knew NOTHING about furnaces. I am mechanically handy though. There you have it.