Once again, we have a leak from our whirlpool tub. Since the house was built in 2005, the tub has been re chaulked at least 6 times, including twice by the builder. The last time about 4 months ago, DH chaulked it with the tub full and we let it dry with the water still in it. Also, he used alot more product than what looks good. Well, today the leak in the kitchen ceiling reappeared. Although he takes a shower in there everyday, noone has used the tub in months. Should we need to rechaulk so often? Is there a certain type of material we should use? The opening is almost quarter inch, more with a full load. BTW, the tub was one of the main selling points of the house for me. Then, I realized how difficult it is to clean and now maintain….SIGH!

If your having that much movement in the tub filled versus empty, you’ll likely never be able to seal the gap. Either the tub isn’t sitting on a proper base or has structural issues itself.

Ok, so is it just me or is this a variation on a process ? If this is about ‘caulking’ , then you have already had the best advice. The empty tub should be raised at least a couple of feet and a new support base should be put into place. If as you say, that you bought the place in part because of this appliance, then save on your investment and find a service that is bonded as part of their service guarantee. What is it worth to you ?

It must be you because I’m not sure what variation you are refering to. Raise the tub a couple of feet for a quarter inch opening? I think you must be confusing me with someone else. I mostly lurk. Not sure why my simple question warranted your response… Besides in order to raise the tub, I would have to demolish and retile the entire enclosure. I thought there might be a less destructive solution. We were hoping that there was some sort of gasket-like device to use. If not, we will probably just have to become the caulking king and queen. Thats what its worth….