We have a 25 year old vacation cottage which has a toilet that sweats and drips from the outside of the toilet tank onto the floor when it is hot and humid outside. We live in Wisconsin and this place has no air conditioning. We spent Labor Day weekend with our kids and grand kids there so the toilet was used often. With well water being so cold and the air being warm and humid it was sweating like crazy.

Years ago I remember someone having a tray that attached to the underside of the tank and had a tiny hose that carried whatever condensation occurred back into the bowl. We are not ready to buy a new toilet. I hear they have some insulated ones. I also know there are some tank insulation kits out there. Does the insulation that fits inside the tank work? Or could you tell me some other thing we could do to stop the drips? I’ve also heard of mixing hot and cold water for the tank but that wouldn’t be worth our time/money since it’s just a vacation place. I guess I’m looking for a good recommendation of something.

Put one of those tank cozies on the tank, cover as much of the outside as you can and you will stop most of the condensation.

Most home centers carry insulation kits which go inside the toilet tank. You would need to shut off the incoming water, drain, and dry the interior walls of the tank. You then cut the panels to size and glue them to the inside walls of the tank. Just follow the directions on the package. That should greatly reduce, if not eliminate, your problem.