Does anyone know if termites swarm? I.E, fly around on the patio and porch during the day, lots of flying things staying in one area? We’ve had these flying things on patio for couple of years; now it’s started on front porch. I thought it might be flies that spawned from water in rain gutters that didn’t evaporate. Went to Orchard Supply Hardware and they immediately said it is swarming termites and suggested a spray to be put on anything wood: house, eaves, wood dividers in concrete patio, even spray the fences. I know we have had some evidence of terminates on patio overhang, looks like sawdust and know we have to call someone out for that, but didn’t think the flying things had anything to do with termites. We have an old firewood pile in side yard that is riddled with termites, I’ve been getting rid of the wood little by little in refuse.

The flying bugs are annoying and I want to get rid of them. Does anyone know if these really are termites? I can’t catch one to get close look (no laughing, I tried when one landed on side of house) to id them. They appear a little smaller than a fly, have two pinchers in front, light brown, wings sort of silver. Can’t tell what eyes look like. Troed to just look at a couple on the porch overhang. Didn’t even know termites fly. Orchard sold us a Hudson sprayer and a product called Bayer Advanced – carpenter ant and termite killer plus. Is this a good product? Should I spray all the areas they suggested?

Also, when it comes to termite treatment for the house, has anyone used the Orange products popular now. Our neighbor did use Plant Orange and was happy with the treatment; said cost about same as traditional treatment. She liked they didn’t have to be tented, which is very appealing to us as well. She did mention the orange oil has a high flash point, but they decided to go ahead with it. Appreciate the knowledge from this collective group of people. If it matters, we live in the San Francisco Bay Area in Calif.

Termites usually swarm at night. leave your bathroom sink full of water overnight and check in the morning. if the termites are swarming there will be some drowned in the water.

Dry-wood termites do swarm this time of year. Their bodies are softer than an ants and look somewhat like your description. These are a very hard to exterminate and very destructive pest. I have zero experience with the “orange” product to which you refer. I can point out that a higher flash point is less hazardous. A “flash point” refers to the temperature at which a substance gives off vapors sufficient enough to ignite. So higher is better (safer).

Sounds very much like termites to me. Had them in an old house years ago and I could see them coming out from the little holes they leave behind. . I would be getting rid of all that wood pile and getting a termite expert in. May cost a heap but will stop you ending up with a heap for a house if that much even. They are a terrible pest here in Australia [Victoria south east]

I’ve experienced the same thing this spring (and would appreciate some information as well). It’s happened a few times and each time it’s been when the weather has turned warm from a previously cold day. Apparently these types of termites look like carpenter ants and can be mistaken for them. You may want to do some photo searches. I’m pretty sure what I’m seeing are termites.