I need advice again, and I’ve gotten good input here in the past. I bought some plastic adirondack style lawn chairs from the church garage sale. Saw them from a distance, and then agreed on $15 for four of them. When I picked them up I noticed that the back surface was still a plastic forest green color, but the front exposed parts were almost chalky and when rubbed will leave a green powdery residue on your finger. I heard that there is a spray paint for plastic lawn furniture now. And I’m wondering whether I should just consider it a donation to the church and recycle the chairs, or spend the money for the paint. Has anyone here used it? and if so….were you happy with the results?

I recently used the Fusion­­® paint on some new buckets I planted some vegetables in. And it does pretty well but will separate it’s bond with significant force applied. But it is supposed to work better on weathered plastic as far as bonding characteristics. It gave a fair amount of coverage area and left a very nice finish, but I’m glad it did at about $5 a can.

These chair fronts are definitely weathered, so maybe the bond will be good! Maybe if I’m lucky, a $5 can will do all 4 fronts.

I used just automobile paste wax to clean up our old plastic lawn chairs and it did the job perfectly (and cheaply).

I think hubby has some of the paste wax that I might try out on a small spot to see what it does. On these chairs it’s almost as if the plastic is powdering off rather than them being dirty. But maybe the wax might seal it off. Definitely worth a try! And I love cheap!