I am looking at a project of stripping old paint from an antique fireplace mantle. Years ago I saw TV ads for a paint stripping product which (as I recall) you painted on with a brush, then let it dry, and once it was dry you could peel it off in big strips, sort of like peeling a sunburn. :)

I have done paint stripping the old-fashioned way, and frankly I hated it so much that if I have to do it that way, I will probably just avoid the project! LOL! But then I remembered this peeling method and thought it sounded great. However, I don’t even know what search terms you would use for this so I am having a hard time looking it up myself. Does anyone know what this product is, and if it works? Or do you have another paint-stripping product to recommend which does not involve making a big fat mess to use it? :) Basically I am looking for the lazy person’s way to strip paint. Any suggestions?

Go to your paint store, and ask for paint stripper. They will have several brands, and, can, usually, recommend a god brand.

Or, you could get a Bernz, or, similar, torch with a flame spreader. Then, heat the paint until it blisters, and, strip it off the same way.