I have snail- like critters (very small though) that are crawling in my soil (even the one I bought) that attacks seeds and roots of seedlings.I’d like to get rid of them the organic way.Any ideas?

I have a solution perhaps you’d like to try that worked very well for my sister-in-law’s husband Jim and his snail problem.

Last year we had a particularly wet spring and were invaded by snails. I did some research and discovered that the smaller variety were called Helix Aspersa, not to be confused with the larger restaurant type, Helix Pomatia. According to Lewis and Clark the smaller variety are also edible and so I passed this information on to Jim. The next thing I discover, not only is he gathering the Aspersa’s but his friends are donating their’s as well. Apparently when you toss them in the frying pan they come out of their shells (btw this was not the recommended cooking approach mentioned in The Joy of Cooking) – great with garlic, butter and a little sea salt. Only one little problem at the time, my sister-in-law wouldn’t kiss him anymore.

I don’t think you could get a more organic solution than that.


You need to clean them out first in case they have been eating plants that are poisonous to humans. Find somewhere to keep them for 3 days – and feed them on unprocessed bran, changing the bran each day. This will ensure they are safe to eat… I prefer mine cooked in butter, white wine and pesto.