I live in a 1935 folk Victorian house with fishscale shingles in the 2 steep gables. In 1975 the size of the house was almost doubled to the back. I have spent much of the summer preparing the house for siding. The whole thing was covered with masonite sheets (like on trailers) when I bought it. Under that old part has 4.5″ clapboard siding, the newer part has 10″ lap which I think is fiberboard or masonite (not as dense as the other masonite though)

I want to reside with insulated vinyl (probably Craneboard) but leave the fishscale which I plan to paint in multiple colors. Where I’m stuck is on doing the trim. In keeping with the style, I want to have vertical trim on the corners. This would be a more intense color than the siding, it would match the upper trim. The problem is, vinyl corners do not come in a color that will work. I was told that painting the vinyl corners to get the color I want isn’t good as the darker color can collect heat and cause warping.

Only idea I can come up with is using 1×4 wood on the corners, painted with the trim color. Does this sound feasible? What adjustment would it require to how I place J tracks at the corners? Does anyone have better suggestions?

I will start an album with steps in my house rehab. I will post first a picture of a house very similar in design to what mine looked like before the add on. You can see in it how the vertical trim is used.

you could bend you trim coil stock to fabricate your corners the width you want with the j molding incorporated right into them leaving a 2″ flange where it would attach to the home. punch nail slots with the slot tool and attach as you would vinyl corners..then paint your color. will be less likely to require painting so often.thats my thoughts hope this helps.