I recently found dry rod in my lapped siding on the very bottom piece near the base of the house near the grass. have been searching for replacement siding and anyone who has knowledge of how to replace 1 – 3 sectional lapped siding on a home since there is only 1 piece that needs repair. So far Home Depot is unhelpful. Is there anyone here who has any advise?

Reach behind the siding with a hacksaw blade and cut through the nails, remove old section and slip new section back up in its place. Now you won’t be able to replace the nails that are covered by the existing siding but you can nail the new section using galvanized finish nails through the existing siding amd galvanized 6 penny nails in the exposed portion of the new section. Set the finish nails slightly below the surface and fill with paintable acrylic caulk, smoothing the wet caulk with a wet finger or sponge and paint to suit when dry. Cutting the nails is easy if you have a sawz-all and a long metal cutting blade.