I was wondering if anyone knew of how to replace the magnet closures on a glass shower door.. I’ve been searching the internet, and can’t even find the magnets I need, let alone how to replace them.. Basically, I have a new construction, about 3 1/2 years old at this point. After the first year, I noticed considerable rusting on the magnets that hold the shower door closed. The door has two magnets, one on the door and one on the frame to hold the door closed. The magnets measure about 2 1/2″ x 3/8″. At this point, part of the magnet from the frame completely rotted off, and is stuck to the magnet on the door. Needless to say, the door doesn’t exactly stay shut.

Do I just get 2 magnets and try to glue them on? Are there any specific magnets for showers, to hopefully stop the rusting next time? Everything I’ve seen on the internet is either the magnetic tape strips that go completely around the door, or the magnetic catches that you screw in, similar to what I’ve seen for cabinets. The magnets I have just seem to be glued on, definitely NOT screwed in anywhere…

And finally, any thoughts on removing the current magnets? They are pretty badly rusted, and I don’t want to go banging at them, with a glass shower door right there! Thanks all for any input you can provide..

I have never come across this particular type of door catch but I would think providing you cannot see any evidence of screws through the magnet then they are most likely held on by adhesive the two ways to remove them is heat and or pealing they use adhesive to hold some cars together and use pop rivets to prevent pealing harbour freight and true-value sell magnets I have also taken magnets out of things I have bought in 99 cents stores or go to your local recycling centre and look at some of the equipment being scraped.