There is water seeping through my interior wall along the chimney, especially after a heavy rain. I have been told by 5-6 different contractors that this is because of bad flashing. However, I have had the flashing repaired on 3 occasions, and last year had an entire new roof put on the house. I’m still having this problem. Any ideas as to the cause and how I can finally fix this!

Does your chimney have a cover? if the top is wide open, rain can get inside and seep down the chimney. it can then find a place to get out thru the brick/block/ wood-whatever your chimney is constructed of. if it has a cap, has anyone checked the seal around the chimney, where it enters the roof or is connected to the house? try checking around the top of the chimney to see if water is entering there.

Do you have a 2 story or 1 story house? Also, can you get up in the attic and see if there is water dripping somewhere?

And if the fireplace is on the exterior wall, there are also flashing’s there.