I’d like to replace the flooring of carpet in a very small room. I am the mom of a toddler, and would like to do on my own, hubby works long hours. I’d like to know if anyone can give me an easy step by step process/tools. I’d also like to replace with bamboo or cork or anything economical-very small room, just so it’s allergen free, easy to clean, low maintenance, easy to install. thanks.

You might consider the pre-finished wood flooring with foam padding. It snaps together and lays loose on the padding you roll out (like carpet padding, but not the same padding). No permanent fastening of the wood flooring required, either nails or adhesive. You can easily remove and re-install it, too. Even Sams Club has it.

If you want something soft for the toddler to toddle on, you might consider peel and stick carpet squares. I think there is also another kind that does not stick. If a square gets ruined, stained, etc it’s easy to replace that one square to keep the floor looking nice.

There is a maker called FLOR that makes natural carpet squares that don’t out gas carpet part is wool. Not very expensive easy to lay. Another choice could be Marmoleum the modern form of linoleum but it comes in 12×12 or 12 x 24 panels that lock together like the engineered flooring.

You want to start by looking at any number of snap-lock engineered flooring products, These wood flooring products are lightweight, sturdy, and very easy to install. Most of the big box stores carry a decent selection, and have folks that will give you instruction as they can differ by brand. Good luck!

I have replaced the carpeting in my bedroom with FLOR carpet tiles. They require no adhesive and are very easy to lay down. They come in a great variety of colors and textures and I absolutely love it! If one tile gets dirty, you take it off, wash it at the sink and replace it. Very easy!