Seriously, how hard and involved is replacing an outer door? I have a mobile home, and the side door is falling apart. Thank god for duct tape. Never done anything like it before. Do I just replace the door, or do I replace the frame around it also? Is this something that I, a fat, forties, bad kneed mamma with a wonderful teenage son can do? If not, what is a ballpark of what I will have to pay labor-wise to get it done?

Duct tape fixes all. What condition is your door frame? If it is rotted out and falling apart, verify that your existing door is straight, go down to your local big box building supply store and get a pre-framed exterior door. This should cost a little over $100 and is easy to install. Remove the exterior trim, either knock out or cut out the old door frame, slide in the new door, shim out and use finishing nails to secure in place. Replace your trim and you’re done. If your door is not straight, hire a good handy-man or contractor.

You can replace the door only, but this requires a little more talent. You should be able to pick up an inexpensive replacement door for about $50 to $75. You will have to measure exactly where the existing hinges are. You will need to cut these areas out in the new door. If this is done properly, the rest is a breeze. Remove the hinge pins, install the door side of the hinges on the new door, line up the hinges and re-insert the pins. By the way, congratulations on raising a wonderful teenage son. Parenting is hardest and most important job there is.

I need to warn you all that replacing a door on a mobile home is much more involved than replacing a door in a house. Most of the older homes have a different size door and frame. Plus the thickness of the wall is usually not as wide. You can take and frame the opening in but it takes great care to not destroy the siding. If it has metal siding it will even be more difficult. I’m not saying that it can’t be done just that is takes some time and skill. Before you do anything measure the existing door to see what you have. Look in the yellow pages and online to see if there are any local mobile home dealers. Call them up and see what kind of price they can offer for a direct replacement. I have had luck in the past that some trailer parks usually have a couple older homes that were slated to be demolished or were abandoned that I was able to score some parts off. You may also want to check with the typical Home Depot/Lowes and see if they can order a custom door for you. If your only option is a total replacement I would seriously consider having a pro do it for you. Sorry to be the bearer of what could be bad news. Just don’t want you to get in over your head and end up with a hole in the side of your home you can’t close up.

This is interesting cause I actually have 2 doors waiting to go on as replacements for my older ugly as crap doors. The back door is probably going to be more complicated, but my bf says it can be done & so far, he has done everything. THe other is coming from a MH supply place- so I wasn’t too worried about that. I seriously want new doors though… I HATE what is here now.