I have a white metal radiator cover where the metal is sheet metal. My eldest son was trying to run audio cables behind the cover and to my dismay he took a pair of metal cutters and made cuts into the sheet metal near the base I guess trying to make a whole for the cables to run through. About time I noticed this and put a stop to it, it was too late and now I am left with a damaged radiator cover. What concerns me the most though is that the cuts have left very sharp edges and I have young children in the house. I need to find some sort of protectant that can cover the 5 inches of sheet metal that is now dangerous. It needs to be something that is white colored (or something I can paint) and that can mold against the jagged edges of the sheet metal to protect anyone from accidentally cutting themselves. Any suggestions?

Sorry to hear about that… before I offer MY 2ยข worth – I will share a story about my son… he totalled my wife’s New Beetle. He was OK, car.. NOT. The CHP officer who responded to the scene asked him if he was injured… he looked at his mom and told the officer, “Not Yet”….

Anyway, without knowing the exact shape of the patch needed, and what not – how about this… If it is a flat area, go to a big box h-ware store and get a flat piece of galvanized – look in the roofing section for flashing material. Prime it and paint it. Now, I am in Calif & so do NOT have radiators… do you think a little liquid nails would hold it? or some sheet metal screws. In any case, once it is primed and painted, just cover the hole.

Perhaps a piece of leather would do – and your son should donate the skin.

You could use clear plastic tubing. Just cut it to length, then split down the middle and wrap it around the edge.

Take the cover off, straighten out the cut edges, then take it to a welding shop and ask them to braze it back together, a little sanding, a little white paint, and you will never know the difference.