There’s a very small area of my wall-to-wall carpet that is really shot. The fibers are gone. Unfortunately, it is located right in the middle of the living room. This accidentally resulted from using a too strong cleaning solution on a very stubborn stain. The affected area is only about 3″x3″(inches). Is there a way I could cut away the bad part and glue in a good piece from a section of carpet that is isolated and unseen? Is there a company that does this kind of repair that you know of?

Yes, and yes. You can get the glue from some place like HomeDepot. Also, any good carpet installer can do the job for you. It’s not a hard repair.

If this is a tweed, you need a wee extra on the edge you cut out to glue down that after its laid in the spot you are replacing, take a crochet hook number 5-6 and lift the extra out and over the other carpet. U may need too glue very snuggly the raw edges as your placing the new section into place. Make sure the new piece is on the same grain line where you are replacing it. And don’t cut out any carpet area to large, what you cut out, use as the pattern. I once had to fix a carpet the cat had thought was his chopping clock. He really upset me that day. And he took off running when I chased him out of the room with a piece of the carpet to replace with. LUCKY you are to have saved a piece to use. I had none, and it was hard replace. The dealer happened to have a smidgen and I made it work.

There is a carpet tape glue that carpet layers use that it is activated by heat.This could possibly meet your short term needs. Weaving the new section in is another option but labor intensive.