Hoping someone has experience with how to remove crayon from furniture. I just got 2 Ming style chairs on Freecycle and in cleaning them found they have lots of crayon markings on the arms, even in the decorative medalian on one of the chairs. The chair color is dark, Expresso? But you can still see the crayon. Some of it is green, other colors can’t tell. Anyone have thoughts on how I can remove the majority of the crayon? It sort of ruins the look of the chairs. Not sure how I would try to freeze or heat the crayon to remove it.

Try WD 40 on a small inconspicuous area. This may remove the wax from the crayon without harming the finish. Some furniture polishes contain a wax remover which may work as well.

Crayons regardless of who makes them are basically parafin was and pigment. Oil based products will soften the wax. The big problem is what is in the finish under the craon. I’m sure WD will desolve the wax but would test to see its impact on the wood finish. Murphy’s Oil Soap may be a gentler though slower cleaner. Vegetable oil on a soft cloth might be another less aggressive choice. Always test somewhere hidden first.

Can it get wet then you dry it with a hair dryer?? if so go to Wall-mart and get mr. clean magic erasers they look like a white sponge.. gets it really wet and wipe where the crayon is..it should take it right up.. it got spray paint and nail polish off my couch..

You can also check the crayola web site for their suggestions. when my daughter used a sharpie on a flat panel monitor I looked at sharpies web site and they had the answer.

I found the best way to remove wax from carpet or furniture is to use a damp towel and an iron. Place the damp towel over the spot and turn the iron on high. As, the steam builds from the iron, it will create steam to get into the fibers of the furniture, as it begins to dry the towel will soak up the wax. You may need to repeat the process a few times. Works great!!! I have used this technique on carpet and furniture with candle or crayon wax. I have even used it on white carpets and works like a charm…