We have two smaller basement windows that were installed when the basement was poured in the 1980’s. The windows are sliding type and both of them let water into the basement when we have very hard rains. I have re-landscaped around the windows, put covers on the window wells, added extra gravel to the bottom of the wells and they still leak.

The window frames are metal and were installed when the concrete was poured. Is it possible to remove this type of window and then install glass block to make a water tight window? Any suggestions on how to remove the old windows?

My suggestion to remove the frames would be a friend with a cutting torch and a good side grinder to finish off the job. However, if you use the basement for a living area you must provide an egress of some type.

Thanks. We do not need to worry about egress and the windows that are in there now are not large enough to use for egress. Looks like this will be one of my many summer projects.