Need some advice from the experts! We are just refinishing our oak wood floors and think we need to put pads under the furniture so it won’t get scratched. What do we use? The floors are being varnished with 3-4 coats of oil-based varnish (don’t know if it’s the right word, can is upstairs and don’t want to climb steps to check). We have a air-bed with a drawer unit underneath (like a captains bed) so we will have lots of wood touching the new floor, then of course there are the legs on the dresser. What should we use on the bottom of these things to keep them from scratching the floor? I was told by someone that you don’t want to put anything on a newly coated floor until it is cured. How long will it take to cure? Really would like to get our bed out of the living room.

I would just use the stick on heavy felt pads sold at any hardware store. But since most furniture doesn’t usually get moved once in place you really don’t need to work about scratches. The bed would probably be the most likely to move a little. So I’d use the felt pads on it.

So much depends on the humidity inside your home. I have oak floors and never used all the pads and have only a few scratches, over a 15 year period, mostly from big kids, but I’d wait as long as possible before putting even those pads. They will stick and that’s every bit as bad as a scratch.