I put out some tomato plants yesterday and have a couple of questions. I bought one of those little soil testing kits and it showed the Ph was 7.0. Is that ok for tomatoes or do I need to add anything to the mix? I’m growing them in containers (small yard at rented house)and made up the mix myself. I bought some Miracle-Gro for tomatoes, how often should I use it? It says on the box every week or two, but my neighbor used it on her tomatoes one year and ended up with nothing but a lot of nice green leaves. A friend recommended fish emulsion oil instead. Anyone use that?

I’m in southern Mississippi and we have those slimy little slugs so I was going to order some Escar-Go Slug & Snail Control an also some Neem Away Insect Spray for the bugs from Gardens Alive. Then I read about DE being good for insect control, now I AM confused. I want to order now before I get all those pests but I’m not sure what would be best. Wow, I guess that’s more than „a couple questions” isn’t it? I’d appreciate any opinions on any of this.

Miricle grow is a synthetic chemical firtilizer and far from organic. I’d never use use a product on something I was planning to eat. There are many excellent fish and seaweed products on the market that work excellent. I personally use a mixture of sea weed, vinegar, molasses, and compost tea.

I use mircle-gro one time on all my plants. Then I use home made teas and compost. I am bring the top soil back, not getting rid of it. To much fertilizer will hurt more than it will help. It will make the land need fertilizer all the time and want grow anything good. As for the bugs, I use lemons, limes and super 10. I found it to work and be healthy for the land. I also plant marigolds to keep other bugs away.

I should have read the box before I bought the Miracle-Gro. It goes back to the store tomorrow and I’ll add something else to my order. Thanks again!