I am planning on building a 10X10 or 100 sq. ft patio with brick floor. My internet research directs me to buying pavement rocks and sand. The problem is that they are advocating buying about 103 bags of 40 pounds concrete and 26 bags of 40 pounds sand to do the job. Then there is the cost of renting a compactor. This is a lot of money for me. Is it not much cheaper then to use cement mix (about 30-35 bags of 80 pounds cement) to do the job? Considering cost-benefit analysis, what is the advantages of using pavement rock/sand.

Also having purchased 10 bags of pavement rocks, can I just pour them as base and then use concrete mix on top, and lay my tiles on top the concrete mix. Will this work or do I need to return my pavement rocks?

If it was me, I would pour a 10×10 slab and put the bricks down on top of the slab. It would guarantee the patio would not sag, move, shift, and it would probably be cheaper in the long run. I have seen many brick patios with dips, grass growing in it, fire ants coming through, bricks on the sides falling away. Keep in mind if you want to put a BBQ pit on the patio, it would probably not be level, the wheels would catch on the bricks if they are not even, etc.

4 inch slab, 10×10 would be 1.2 cubic yards of concrete. Depending on where you are in the country and the cost of concrete, the slab should cost you less than $200. Put a wire mesh in the concrete. You will also probably have a delivery charge for that concrete being it is a small amount. If you are motivated and have help, you could mix that by hand using 80lb bags of sacrete.

After the slab is level and setting, you could immediately place the bricks to bond with the slab, or you could completely finish the slab and bond the brick later, even using a thin set and placing the bricks down in the same manner as tile. You may like the slab so much you decide to put down tile instead. We have gone this route. Initially we also wanted a brick patio but after we poured the slab, we decided that exterior saltillo tile was the way to go.

Thank you so much. Quite a extensive. I love the work you did your house. I am not skilled in that end, and definitely not try to replicate that, but my other question is this: what do I do with all the sprinkler popping up from the ground as I am digging. I have already cut two of them. Is their a way to seal them or just cover them with concrete slab?

Years ago we poured a concrete patio(s) and walkways. Years later we were given by the town, all the bricks removed form all the sidewalks in front of houses and etc…We knew at this time we had the foundation to put them on… No grass where the concrete is. This makes a studier walks and place to sit, with out worry. In the front, we removed the old paving bricks and laid down heavy-duty plastic..at the time that is all we could afford. Now years later we need to take all up and pour a slab of concrete. Not sure as to how thick, we are gussing 1 inch thick. And make sure you cut the concrete every so so many feet apart to give eoom to expanding during the cold months. Here in Ohio the freeze would crack the concrete easily. This next summer we want to take up some brick and replace with better. Taking the oldes to another area, that is not as noticeable. And with newer replacement, it will make a couple areas easier to walk on. By all means avoid using sand to level with, as it also shifts over time, and draws ants to the picnic on the patios.