This may be common knowledge around here, but I’m taking up more of my old ratty carpet, and when I poured water on the tacks that hold the tack-strip in the concrete and let it soak in for an hour or so, most of the tacks came out of the concrete without a big chunk of conrete attached. Just pulled neatly out of their own little hole.

On a related note… anybody figured out an easy way to get a layer of sheetrock mud off the concrete floor? I’m assuming other houses were built like this — maybe this is spray wall-texture that oversprayed all over the bare concrete before they put the carpet in?

I doubt it is sheet-rock mud, if it were water would do the trick.

I meant to say an EASY way to get it off. I’ve been sloppin’ and scrubbin’ for a long time, with water and soap and brooms and wire brushes… Maybe there’s some paint mixed in with it, or maybe a lot of it is just soaked into the pores of the concrete.