I’m not sure if I am going to paint or wallpaper my walls. However I’m in the midst of pulling off old wallpaper. It MIGHT be easier for me to put on wallpaper (I love wallpaper, honest, but we’re thinking to sell and so not sure about the wallpaper idea) because my walls are in pretty bad shape and I don’t have the energy or expertise to do a good job. However I’m trying. Right now I’m working in small patches by pulling off the wallpaper, scraping the lining and removing glue if possible. After I pull off the wallpaper I was told by a Home Depot man who seemed like he knew a lot that I don’t HAVE TO take down the lining behind the wallpaper even though it would be better, but I don’t HAVE TO. That I can prime or skimcoat the walls with the lining (forget which he said) and then paint over that. So … if I leave the lining paper, what should I do to prepare the walls for painting? And is preparing them for paint different from preparing them for wallpapering? Also — some wallpaper is texturized and I’m thinking maybe that will cover a multitude of imperfections? Or maybe texturized paint would eliminate some work? Or doesn’t it make a difference as long as I prep or prime the walls? confused if nothing else.

I would never ever leave on any paper residue, no matter how small. Once you paint into it, if it absorbs and thickens in that spot, your pretty much screwed as it will harden obviously with the paint when it dries. I flipped houses for quite a few years, and even bought a house that people painted over the wallpaper (texuring it first)…well that was all fine and dandy until it started to pull away from the walls. (old paper and heavy texturing). It was a MESS. If you can get everything off the walls, that is best. Use choreboy copper scrubbers, I swear by them. Go in little patches like your doing, lots of water, lots of mess, put plastic down unless your on vinyl and you can just clean up the floor after. I hate wallpaper because of all the removal I’ve done over the 20 houses I’ve flipped.

IF you want to re-wallpaper, that you can do, but you need to use a vinyl to vinyl paste if you go over old paper, otherwise it won’t stick. Also sand spots that are not level or imperfect, as paper sucks in as it dries, and does not hide all the imperfections (unless you use a heavy duty industrial–and sometimes that doesn’t even work :) BTDT :)) BTW, if your looking to sell, make it neutral so you don’t spook away buyers :) (light tans in faint marble type texture is always eye pleasing) No dark blues, dark burgundy’s etc etc :)

Much appreciated your input. I’m telling you — it is VERY time consuming to the point of ridiculous. Thanks for the advice about Choreboy. Yes, I’ll get some. It’s taking forever — little did I know when I started it. When I mean forever, I mean that a little patch takes me about 1/2 hour. And by a patch I mean 12″ x 12″.