Hi, any suggestions on how to repair/patch a couple bubbled plaster areas in ceiling? Both spots are probably a little over a foot square, thought about drywall, but think there would be a noticable difference, and definitely don’t want to pull the rest down and drywall entire ceiling, any ideas, suggestins would be greatly appreciated.

Over the years I have repaired several of these situations. First you need to know the cause which is due to the plaster letting go from the lath, either due to vibration of in the case of ceilings, due to past leaks. My system is to first drill a series of 1/4 inch holes through the plaster but being careful not to penetrate the lath. Second use either a jack or 2×4 with a board that is cut long enough to press the plaster back into place. Now that you are dually prepared, get several tubes of Acrylic Latex caulk, and cut the ends of the tube so that they just fit into the drilled holes. Get a good caulking gun not one of the stamped steel cheapies because you are going to do some serious pumping. Pump a generous amount of caulk into each hole and then cover the area with wax paper and using the brace you have prepared or the jack which ever is available, press the bubbles section back into place. Allow 24 hours for the caulk to set and remove the jack and finish the job ye cleaning and painting or texturing the patched area. Use paint-able caulk and you can also fill cracks an cover all kings of plaster woes. Acrylic is water soluble until set and remains pliable so that cracks do not open back up as they do with mud or patching plaster. I have used this method of stucco and foundations with good results. On foundations, wet the concrete first so that the caulk leaches into the pores of the cement and gets a good bond. A second coat may be required but by using a wet brush before the caulk sets, the repairs will be almost invisible after being painted.