Is anyone on the list familiar with the Pawpaw tree? I have read about this tree on the Internet but I’ve never seen one growing. It appears to have beautiful flowers and an interesting fruit. Our area of the Pacific North West is a zone 9 and it seems possible that we could grow this tree. Is it worth the attempt? Is the fruit any good? – I’ve never seen it for sale in the stores.

They are wounderful trees! The fruit taste like a cross between a bananna and a strawberry. I have planted some seeds around my land but so far havent seen any growing so im going to look for some saplings to plant. Some spieces are endangerd so most consevation depts are wanting people to plant them and can either supply them to you or tell you where to get them from. I seem to be cursed with Persimmon trees here. My mother loves them and they do attract deer ( which I dont need anymore of) but I dont care much for them. Maybe some one has some ideas on what to make with them?

Your area may be too hot, as the pawpaw needs a certain amount of cold to grow well. It’s native to this part of the country (South Carolina), but has fallen out of favor with the trendy gardeners. It is the sole larval food source for the zebra swallowtail, too. I want to start some in my yard, but I have to clear out a bunch of scrub trees and a few sheds first.

I was looking for messages on pawpaws. The fruit is absolutely delicious. The worst pawpaw I ever had was pretty good and the best was one of the best fruits I have ever eaten. One of my good friends lives in Sacramento California (zone 9-10) and has no trouble growing them there although they do like some shade from the August sun.

Pawpaw, is sometimes called papaya it’s quite a fruit! There are two types: the indian with fruits of about 1 pound and the mexican, monster fruits up to 5 lbs each! Ok now i live in the uk and there are varieties available that are suitable for over here so i’d give it a go i just ate my first taste of it a moment ago a mexican quite a strange taste, it was unlike anything i can compare to except that it had a certain elderberryish ness to it!