I have a perfectly good refrigerator that just happens to be the wrong color for my newly remodeled kitchen. I am planning on painting it black and I am looking for some feedback from others that have painted theirs. Does the paint job hold up? I see appliance paint at the store; is this the recommended paint to use? Did you take off all the handles and hinges and magnetic stripping? Any pitfalls to be aware of?

Painting a refrigerator… Yes can be done. We have painted several and also wall papered two, to match the walls we just painted. It was fun and well worth the effort. It is a project that you do not hurry. Make sure you have your foods all out, and in another cold storage. We kept dry iced packed many hours. Then when the refrigerator was really good and air dried, we washed the inside back with a mild detergent and sat in there a dish of baking soda. We lined the shelves with shelving paper. And that was easier to wipe off when something got spilled. After the paint has been down,you can seal it with a poly..or some clear varnish. The same with wall=paper, best to buy what is washable. We tried to get heavier paper, and. Another neither used contact paper on hers, but said it was not easy to apply as it can’t be smoothed out when it got creased. She has to redo the door twice. (Best to take the doors off, and the handles if possible.) Do the work outside on a nice warm day..if by chance the snow is flying, then make sure you ventilate the room very well…and use a face mask. Best to tape down newspaper all over the floor, and make sure you use plastic to cover counters and tables/chairs. Especially if you’re using spray paint form a can. I can tell you this the results are great when applied right. NEVER be in a HURRY. In other words, you don’t call a friend over for supper, and ecpect to have it ready by then. Plan your week well. I would now if I had an refrigerator to do, use the leather look. I will one day, if I out live my new black refrigerator, use the stone on it. I have an idea about this time in my life, they will have something on the market even better. Had we these things 50 years ago we would have still been rejoycing. I bet some smart woman, pushed a man to make this stuff in a can. I am still amazed as to how it comes out of that tiny little hole. And it must swell up soon as it hits the air, to look like tiny stones and sand. Anybody got the science brain? Please pass it this way.

If you used this paint how would you clean it? This sounds cool, but I’d want to be able to clean it easily. I have a can of this for my daughter’s Egyptian room, but we’re between permanent houses, so I haven’t tried to use it yet.

You can repaint a refrigerator just as you would repaint a car or truck. You can either remove or mask as you choose. Remove the doors and paint the box and doors separately. Just keep in mind that the end product will look no better than the effort and time you spent in the preparation.

Yes, there are pitfalls, I fell into one ;) Yes, use the Appliance paint, but don’t sand or rough up the existing paint, (you can use a liquid paint bonder, sometimes called liquid sandpaper) UNLESS you prime it 1st. The Appliance paint is usually an epoxy which is hard, but thin, and would show the scratches of the sanding process (been there, done that).

Now that is interesting, as I painted a washer and dryer because the tops were pitted scarred and rusted. I sanded the rust down, cleaned the top with soap and water, dried it off, and applied 3 coats of appliance paint, you can’t see any scratches, scrapes or sanding marks. Granted it did take 3 coats, but it worked great.

Have not painted a fridge, but have used appliance paint on a washer and dryer, it worked great, it has been 7 years and it is still looking good–give it a whirl

First you need to use a sand paper (fine over the old enamal. Make sure you wash it off and air dry, then add a primer, and allow this to dry. Take your time to do it right. We took a refrigerator outside and sprayed it on a nice day…and by the evening brought it back inside. (make sure you have somewhere to store foods, while working on the refrigerator. WE have also wall-papered them to match the kitchen. If I ever do another one…it will be painted with STONES in the CAN.

Is it possible to use magnetic chalkboard type paint on a refrigerator? Would it require more or less prep work?