Painting over stained/varnished wood molding/doors? I am trying to paint the woodwork and it has a somewhat shiny, smooth surface. Will that be ok or do I have to use some type of special primer or a prep solvent? I would prefer to use a solvent than sanding it all. Please send me some info. on prepping the stained/varnished wood.

I so detest painted woodwork that I almost hate to give you advice, however, if you are determined to degrade the home, you will need to sand lightly to get rid of the shine or paint will not stick. Wash the woodwork with denatured alcohol or mineral spirits to remove all oil residues and apply a coat of KILZ then paint to suit. Just make sure you don’t have open flames and that you have good ventilation.

I painted my kitchen cabinets that were covered in a high gloss shiny finish and I used a primer made by Olympic called Seal Zall.. it covered great with no sanding needed. This can be found in the paint dept at most larger home stores and/or paint stores.

Thanks for all the great info. on painting over stained/varnished wood. The painter is going to use some kind of oil based primer with the wood like it is and he says that it will work over the stained wood with no problem. This is a great group, keep up the good work.