I could use some tips on painting over redwood that has been previously stained. We have acquired an outdoor play set that is kind of weather-beaten, and I don’t have any faith in staining outdoor stuff anymore, so we’re looking at painting it. (We have an outdoor redwood picnic set that we re-stained, and in about a year outdoors it looked crummy again, even though we used the “best” stain HD had to offer.)

So does anyone have tips on successfully painting a previously stained outdoor play set? At this point, I’m thinking we should sand off the rough spots, scrub the whole thing with TSP, let it dry, and paint. I’m wondering if we should do it some different way, and also if it really needs a sealant over it. I have also been told that that’s why the redwood picnic set looked awful in a year, because we didn’t use any kind of polyurethane sealant over it. (In our defense, the people at HD specifically told us we did NOT need to use anything over the stain. But maybe that wasn’t correct.)

So, looking for ideas, instructions, tips. Basically we want to make this redwood play set look nice, and NOT have to repaint or restain AT ALL for at least five years. Is it possible? :)

Could try power washing and then sanding. Use a good outdoor primer will help paint adhere to the wood better.