I’ve gotten ambitious finally to fix the kids room, so I’m gonna do the flooring and then I will paint (urgent to get done this month b4 cold weather bums me out). Well anyway, I need to know what you all know on type of paint I need. I will be painting several colors as a landscape and then painting flowers w/acrylic paints I presume. I’m guessing I need eggshell but wondered if that mattered really in small room. And whether there is a gloss I need to create texture for the “grass”. Also, is there a finish that can make the walls easy to clean? Whats your advice on VOS? or least toxic paint? How about dry erase, magnetic, chalkboard ideas. I’m thinking for resale I’d probably want to put up separate chalkboard painted stuff isn’t that best?

Also, I bought a small MDF easy to assemble unit but it’s the wrong color, so I bought canned paint, but as I understand I need to sand the surfaces for best application? So I haven’t started the job yet in 2 months, Are there handy tools/tips for this plan you can offer?

I’ve painted many murals on walls for folks and the paint that I was taught to use is Benjamin Moore’s ultra-velvet for the base coat. Then mix your colors into cups with this same paint, as you need it. Most Benjamin Moore retailers are willing to give you a few squirts of the concentrates they use to color the paint. make sure to bring baby food jars or something with tight lids for these. Then mix whatever colors you need for your mural. Grasses and such will be textured by the brush strokes you use. Have fun!!