I want to have a go at a nice lawn. Of course, synthetics and toxins are absolutely out of the question, as they are in pretty much all aspects of our lives. I’ve been searching the web for info, and found a handful of resources. There also appear to be a few books out there that focus specifically on lawn care, as well as the useful info in the catalogs (like Peaceful Valley). My question is, has anybody on this list actually succeeded in growing a decent lawn organically? Can anybody point me to a good book or info resource?

First of all, define a „decent lawn”. Are you talking 100% grass? Most „lawns” do better as a blend of plant types. Just like with other types of organic gardening, similar methods of diversity can be employed. Lawns can be blends of low-growing grasses, perennials and annuals. I love clover (various low-growing types), creeping & wooley thyme (although it’s generally too wet around here to use »em in my lawn), baby blue eyes, English daisy, yarrow, veronica and yes, even DANDELIONS (although, because of their method of reproduction, they can be hard to control). Such blends don’t require as much mowing or supplemental water. They’re also strikingly beautiful, with lots more color and variety than the Astroturf that passes for lawns these days.

Yes…I do mean 100% grass. Your point reagrding the importance of plant diversity is well taken, and I’m glad to hear it. However, the choice of what somebody grows is a matter of personal preference, no? Your comments were mostly mild, and I accept them as such. But there does seem to be a number of postings on this list that diss the idea of growing a traditional lawn. I cannot speak for anybody else, but as for me, this choice for now is the one that I have made. As much as I am interested in hearing about alternative solutions, I still would like to have information on how to successfully grow a 100% grass lawn. Having said that, I guess it couldn’t hurt to hear about the solution you propose. How did you establish it? Did you just spread additional seed along with grass seed? Were you starting from scratch, or did you add to an already established lawn?

I think you should grow what you like, yes. Just keep in mind that if you want to grow an organic mono-culture lawn, you’ll be spending a lot of time weeding, watering, mowing and such. The reason most organic gardening advocates dislike traditional lawns so intensely is because of the aforementioned maintainance requirements. They’re inefficient resource wasters. It reminds me of this guy I used to have a crush on in high school. He was beautiful, tall, brooding. I couldn’t stop thinking about him…until he opened his mouth one day and said something so cruel and ignorant I couldn’t think of him the same way again. My opinion of traditional lawns works like that. While they may be „beautiful” on paper, I now realize what lurks beneath their facade and I’ll never see them as attractive again.