What’s my big idea? I want to create an Open Source Alternative Energy Technology Project. The goal is to focus the skills, experiences and, in some cases the resources, of many developers towards a common goal. Why should I start from bare ground research in building a co- generation plant for my home or converting a vehicle to hybrid electric power? I should be able to start from an established tested platform, modify it if I choose and focus on developing the part of the technology my skills lie in.

Open Source software has grown so fast because instead of writing a program from scratch you can start from someone else’s base work and just improve on it… As long as you give the improved version back to the author. Both parties benefit! This is more difficult with something that actually needs to be built (e.g a car, turbine, etc) but the base concept still applies. Plans, performance data, testing are all very valuable as is the experience of someone in their specialized field.

In point form, here is what I believe will work to accelerate the development of Alternative Energy Technology.

  • a centralized, non commercial, non biased database of information
  • a standardized testing and reporting method
  • a published document for each technology of what is currently proven, what is in development and what is required to take something mainstream.
  • a copyleft or license specific for the protection of AET developers
  • your participation :)

One of the principles of open source development is that almost any problem when exposed to enough people has a solution. I believe that by focusing ourselves on breaking new ground instead of repeating each others work we can go far in a short time. I look forward to hearing from all of you.