I live in an old house with plaster walls. A lot of the walls have cheap paneling (the type that a layer will peel off with the faux wood grain), and some are buckling due to old glue coming loose, and some even have layers of wallpaper on them (bathrooms!). I have peeled away what I could, but some wallpaper is stubborn and is sticking.

I can’t afford to have them removed,and I’m too old to try to pry them off myself (and am afraid of what I’ll find beneath them!) so could use some suggestions as to what to do to be able to paint my walls in the least costly, least labor intense way.

Shame I don’t live in your neighborhood I would love to paint and help you out. Blessings girl in all you are wanting to do. In our area we have organizations that help the elderly and widows to fix property. There is many people that take off working a week to help others. Maybe you could set up a program there if you don’t already have one. We this past week auctioned off our Youth in the Church to assist many of us for an hour or two. I need someone a 1/2 day to a two day or more job. They know none of us on Social security can pay much, but they are still willing to donate their time. All one boy asked for is the gas to get here and back..and one meal.

That seemed a very generous way to help out. I also will talk to the Youth Director this week and see how many strong arms..there is to help us carry items from the storage to sort out and to get our two large wall to wall dressers and etc here..and how many can remove old plaster. I am willing to fix a huge meal, and whatever else they need to make them happy. What they are doing is trying to get enough money to go to a Christian I-Hop. I am sure many of us can help them in some small way. And since Ike hit the area hard… We all have some yard work to do. One young man yesterday and this morning mowed off in the front yard the old flowers that had died weeks ago. Next spring I will hired another crew to help put in landscape…this is turning out to be more fun then work.