I have a sears side by side that is about 15 years old. I have never had a problem with it until recently. The plastic box that controls the water to the door cracked so I turned the water off to it until I can replace that part. That was several months ago. Now in the last couple of weeks I have had a water leak that leave a good size puddle in front of the frig. I have had my sil look at it and see if he could see where it is coming from. Nothing. Could someone please tell me what to do? I can’t afford to have a repair person come out and look at it, I need to be able to do it myself or my sil do it. Just don’t know what it is.

Check the drip pan under the freezer. It usually evaporates before the next defrost cycle but the pan might be cracked. Have you cleaned the lint from under the frige lately, if not do so.

There is a drip pan in the bottom of the refrigerator. You have to remove the panel at the front of the box at the bottom. That has to be emptied at regular intervals.

As the drip pan has been mentioned, in the same location are the condensation coils, which need to be cleaned. The tool is a long, nylon bristled brush, appropriately titled.

I had a similar problem last year. We tried everything, including several of the suggestions already offered by this group. In addition, I checked the little cup at the back of the fridge, just underneath the freezer section, in which frozen peas and the like can occasionally get caught (and cause water to drip down and out the front).

In the end, we were convinced that a pistachio shell had gotten stuck in the hose that drained the back of the fridge and into the pan. I’m not sure exactly what got it out: gentle wiggling or closing the hole tightly and blowing hard. Either way, we got SOMETHING out and have not had that problem since.