What is the procedure for nailing down 3/4 x 3 1/2 inch hardwood flooring, using a power nailer… and the pieces near the kitchen cabinets along the last wall need to be nailed down? There is not enough room to hit the nailer with the hammer when it is that close.

You remove the quarter round at the far edge before placing the last board. Then you nail that last edge straight on, and replace the quarter round to hide the nails. You may need to cut a partial width to fit in the last part. Leave about a quarter-inch of space so the floor can expand and contract, because it will buckle otherwise.

Thank you for that explanation. but my concern is under the edge of the kitchen cabinets. The area where your toes fit under when working at the counter ;) a nail gun wont fit under there and neither will the hammer

We used a drill to drill the hole thru the tongue at a 45 then used 8d finish nails, and the last row we top nailed in an area that will be under the moulding