A friend of mine purchased a used yard machine riding lawn mower. It is a 13 hp engine, and is about 8 years old. He cannot find out how to change the oil. So, I am asking if anyone knows how to change the oil on this particular riding mower. I do not have the manual or the serial numbers.

In many older such machines, the drain plug was under the deck- down where the grass gets cut. Otherwise, he may have to vacuum the oil out the fill hole with a turkey baster. You can get them in the grocery store, utensils section.

MTD makes or has made machines for about 10 different brands and getting information can be hard, You may have more luck with the engine maker but they all have numerous variations os it can be a bit of a detective work. If no drain plug is visible around the base of the engine then it is very likely there is one going down. Look for an opening about 1 inch in diameter under the engine and clean it out to see if there is a plug that can be removed. If not it’s a little tedious but Ray’s suggestion will eventually get most of the oil out. Get a piece of plastic tubing that will fit on the baster and go down into the crankcase.

MTD has ruined every brand it has gobbled up, stay away from MTD anything.