Due to the fact that my wife and I can no longer afford our large house & large mortgage. We have decided to move into a Double wide home on a pad. I completely rebuilt my first home so I’m capable of doing almost any home improvements. But I know nothing about these Manufactured Homes. Other than the fact that this home is not on a foundation its a really nice looking home. It even has a sun porch attached to it. But I’m going to miss all my storage space.

It has vinyl skirting around the bottom if the house. But I don’t know how this skirting is attached to the house. I haven’t looked at it very close yet. More concerned about major things like roofing and furnace. So here is the question for today. I was wondering if it would be possible to build a frame with hinges and attach the skirting to it. Then I could use the space under the house for storing things like my kayak and other outdoor equipment. Anyone know if this is feasible?

Also I’ve seen books advertised about maint. on Mobile homes on the net. s it necessary to buy one of these books if I already know how to maintain a house? If you think so any book recommendations?

That sounds like a very feasible idea.?? My brother did the same for me, only he did it like a gate in the front of mine, under where the tounges are. As far as maint just keep doing what you usually do.?

Yes, you can add a sliding door section or the like to use the space under the trailer. go walk around a trailer cort and ask people if you can see how they have there skirting done. there is alot of room under there for storage.

Had a single wide a few years back and my skirting was attached via a strip it fit into that was attached at the top to the side of the home and the bottom was held in place with a vinyl strip that had “large nails holding it to the dirt, then the vinyl skirting was attached to each other. it is easy to make a fram for a door and install a door where ever you wish or you can just remove one or two pieces of the skirting to make a temp. door to slide stuff under the house and then close up. hope this helps.

When you start having pluming problems you have to go to a place where they sell Mobile home parts they are not the same as a regular house I have a handy man service and most of the work I do is on Mobile homes.

We have flipped a few mobiles and we learned that they are easier to work on than houses, as baldbuzzard said, you do need to get plumbing, doors and windows from a Mobile home supplier. (lots of them online if you are in a rural area). The skirting comes of fairly easy as it is screwed on. We would just unscrew the panel and screw it back on but I like your frame idea. We have put in laminate flooring, painted cabinets, screwed down squeaky floors and replaced rotting floors, tubs sinks, plumbing, toilets, tubs, AC units, carpet, you name it, we’ve replaced/repaired/reused it. Just go into it with no fear and have fun doing it.