Please help, I want to mount a 25′ TV in the garage. It’s an older model TV, (not the plasma type). I bought the bracket, but just realized the studs in the garage are metal. Any suggestions on how I would be able to mount the bracket to metal studs? Or any other suggestions.

You’ll just have to tear down your garage, then build a new garage with wooden studs. Then you will be able to fasten the TV brackets using wood screws.

You can use self taping metal screws or if you really want to be sure they wont tear out you could open the wall next to the stud enough to slip in a washer and nut for a bolt to hold the bracket. Obviously it would require some patching. Also you need to know which way the stud is facing – it has one solid side since its in the shape of a u. One can easily find that out with a small probing hole and a piece of wire. probe from each side if the stud the side the wires goes in further is the open side. If your bracket is not easily centered on two studs you could open the wall in the mounting area and mount a 2×4 or 2×6 between the studs thus providing an easily mounting surface to screw into. Patch the wall and you are all set. Just remember the height you mounted the board at!

You might be better off hanging it from a bracket and shelf off the ceiling joists.