I have a modular home. The kitchen faucet seems to not have good pressure. Can it be the faucet? I hear the gasket/washer/ sort of pop, as we turn it on and off. Does anyone know how much water pressure a modular home can be turned up to? It seems it takes forever for the washing machine to fill

I don’t think Modular homes are any different than a regular home when it comes to water pressure. If I remember correctly 50-60 psi is standard water pressure any higher and you may start breaking seals. You can buy a pressure gauge that attaches like a garden hose does at most hardware stores for $5. Attach the gauge at the farthest point away from where your water line main and your supply line and turn on the faucet. Read the pressure. If its low you can adjust the pressure on the regulator located where you main & supply shut off is. It will be a large brass thing with a bolt/nut type adjustment valve. Use a wrench to loosen the locking nut and then turn the bolt a 1/4 turn and check pressure again. Once you have the pressure adjusted tighten the locking nut to keep the setting. These pressure vales do wear out so it may need replacing. They are relatively easy to replace. Just have to turn off the water main * replace like any other valve. They usually have more corrosion on the fittings since they don’t get replaced as often.

But if you have enough pressure everywhere else in the house then you may just have hard water deposits in the areas where you are having problems. The wash machine should have a small screen at the hose connections on the back of the machine. I have to clean mine out every couple of months. Just turn the water off unhook the hose at the machine and use a small screwdriver to pop out the screen & clean it. While you have the hose off the machine check to see if you have decent supply of water coming out buy using a bucket and turning on the water. If not the valves may be clogged and need replacing. Hard water deposits in the other faucets can be fixed in a similar manner. first check the aerator screen. then the water supply at the faucet.