In my master shower the valve seems to be not functioning correctly. I have lost hot water pressure when turned to fully hot on the lever/control. When I turn the lever back just slightly to cooler setting, the water pressure returns to normal. There are two seperate shower heads with seperate valves and faucets in this shower. The other faucet seems fine. So it appears to be isolated with this one valve. I have taken the lever off and although I cannot see a product number, it appears to be Kohler valve model K-304-KP from the Kohler website. What might be wrong and is a fix fairly easy?

My former house had Kohler faucets and they were fairly easy to rebuilt when i could get the parts. I’m not familiar with this one, but i would go to one of the larger plumbing supply houses in your area and talk to someone there. usually they will help you. take a few digital photos if you can, usually there is someone that will know the faucet without knowing the name. I have Kingston brass faucets and i have found only one place about 200 miles away that i can get parts. so i wish you luck. delta is not fancy, but there is something to be said about parts availability.

I just took it apart today and actually found a large piece of debris stuck in the hot water outlet port. Put it all back together with some new o-rings and letting it sit for a couple of hours to check for leaks. All appears okay at this time. I did head down to the local plumbing supply store in town and they wanted $140.00 for a new valve. and $50.00 for the internals. So, needless to say I am trying the o-rings first.