My kitchen sink drains slowly. i have used high water pressure through the clean=out under the sink, and have checked the trap and it still drains slow. if it makes a difference the vent is under the sink. can you help?

Mine does the same, when i get to work on it, ill let you know ok.

Have you tried any drain cleaner to clean the line. Sometimes the drain line starts to close in down the line because of a build up, and a good cleaner might help you. If you can follow the drain to the main drain you might fine another clean out and check it there. Also is this something that has just started or has it been slowing down for awhile?

I remember an old advertising slogan that said “- Once in every week, Drano in every drain”. I’m on my own septic system so I do it about every six months. Then I follow the Drano with a mixture of yogurt and about a couple of quarts of cool water, well mixed in a bowl, or in the sink a few days later. Be sure to use the canned crystal Drano as it has metal chips in it and the chemical reaction of those chips help to scrub the inside of the drain pipes. The yogurt mix will help to re-establish the natural processing in your septic system. If you have multiple sinks on the same drain line, I recommend that you fill the other sinks with
stoppered water and treat the pipes from the point furthest from the under-sink trap. Be sure that the under-sink clean out cap is secured and not providing a pressure release for the chemical action.

Outside our house we have a i guess drain pipe for our kitchen sink we just open it up and let the water drain out and then stick our hose in there and try to flush out what mite be stuck in there, let the hose run for a while. Works for us. Hope this helps

My kitchen drain backs-up from one sink to the other. When trying to rinse a sink full of clean dishes the nasty water backs-up into the sink. i have tried drain cleaner, flushed out the line and plunging with no luck. can any of you help?

Not to scare you, I’m sure it may be just an inadequate vent issue or something, but we noticed that our laundry room floor was rotting and the kitchen sink had still been leaking after we had just put in new cabinets, and replace some of the pipes. Come to find out our drain field was not working. So we began to dig, and dig, and dig some more. We found that the drain field pipe that ran from our grease trap was completely full of ROOTS!!! So it was causing back pressure and every time we did laundry or dishes the “used” water would get pushed back to the house. It also caused a faint sewer gas smell. We never noticed it because we were used to it, but my dad could smell every once in a great while when he would come over.

You have a plug in the P trap. Easiest way to clean it is to take it off and take it outside. Then push the plug out with a stick. If the P trap has a hole in it, get a PVC one for replacement. Better than chromed brass- better flow, and longer life.

I take that the drain vent under the sink is a mechanical vent,with age sometimes the little rubber flap in the vent gets hard and will not flap open as the water is draining to allow the water to move faster .you could try replacement of the vent , if in fact this is your configuration. if other drains and toilet all act this way and you have a septic system than this is a sure sign your septic tank needs pumping.