I’ve been trying to plan out my kitchen storage organization in my cabinet design plan. I would appreciate any input on the various organization gizmos out there today. For instance; I’m thinking that the cabinet designed said that I could get my sink base blind drawer cover with a tilt out soap pad caddy. Do you think it would be worth it? And…I see all kinds of other gizmos on the market for making efficient use of cabinet storage space. Which ones have worked/not worked for all of you? I was previously DISorganized in an terribly inefficient kitchen design. I’m hoping that maybe I can get organized from the get-go this time.

I want a lazy Susan in my new design, and I would also get one of the tilt out thingies you mentioned. I already have the wrap station on my sink drawer, love that. Have towel mounted on the door also. I have the wastebasket for in cabinet, but haven’t installed it. Wrong size… it was given to me.

The cabinets that I am going with have the lazy susan corner but with what is called an “Easy Reach” hinged door that kinda opens like a bi-fold door; and then there are shelves instead of a lazy susan behind the doors. You can also get lazy susans behind the “easy reach” bi-fold style doors. But, you may lose storage in the corners under the cabinets because of it.

But, be forwarned…if you get the lazy Susan that is attached to the corner door fronts instead (and the doors spin around as part of the susan); you may not be happy. I have a friend that says that if you put anything heavy on it (like cans) you can’t hardly get it to turn. And, even worse…if anything on the lazy susan happens to flop over or tip a little (outside the perimeter of the circle of the shelf) that it inhibits the ability to open the doors and gain access.

I have a waster basket slide out holder that is supposed to fit under the sink on one side. I originally bought it for my old cabinet but it wasn’t made properly to accept such a gizmo. I think these new ones will though (keeping my fingers crossed). What about pots and pans and their lids? What are/do you do with those?

I’ll repeat myself – but this is just my opinion over many years of working in the kitchen :) I hate the hinged bi-fold corner doors. They are awkward, catch your knees if it doesn’t close all the way and you have to be careful how you close it or you’ll nick the side cabinet. The type with the lazy susan attached to the door is my favorite – I don’t know what you would be storing, as to weight, but I never, ever had any of those problems, and I lived in those houses many years. Very easy and efficient, pull the door, get what you need and turn it back – you can even open and close it with your foot or knee if you need to. In this house I have two of the lazy Susan/bi-fold door cabinets. I use one for smaller appliances, including the bread machine, the other with items I use every day, day in and day out. I think they are inefficient to use. If your hands are “wet” and you need something from the cabinet, you have to open the cabinet, turn the shelf to what you need, then turn the shelf back to the right position, then shut the door – being careful to close it properly. Another pet peeve of mine is it’s a sharp corner angle – so if you stand at the corner to work there is this triangle space between you and the counter – I can’t believe how much falls to the floor :) As for things falling off the selves it happens occasionally, but isn’t a problem other than you have to get down and reach inside or use a broom to scoot it out. My sister and dil both have the stationary shelves with the bi-fold door…that’s even worse. As the shelves go back to the corner things get pushed back into the corner – and it’s a long way to reach. It might be cheaper and they say more storage but I really, really dislike having to get on my knees, move things aside to get to what is stored back in the corner.

I’m such a fan of the corner lazy susan cabinets I have them installed in the upper cabinets too if I have a choice. You can easily get to what is stored in them….I love the over in the corner where I work all the time. Stove to the left, sink to the right, I can get to anything I need to cook – that’s also where the appliance garage is but I’d trade that for the extra counter space in that area. But figure free advice is worth what you paid for it.

I found the tilt-out drawers not big enough to hold much, but can conceal asponge etc. I installed all drawers rather than base cabinets and loved it! – so much easier than even the slide out shelves – no standing on your head to see what’s on the bottom shelf. If you have a base unit under a range top (rather than an oven) have it divided to fit your larger pans/cookie sheets etc. If you have a corner option have the counters cut on an angle and install a Lazy Susan type shelving unit — with the door also on an angle. That way you can open the door and turn the shelves as you like and there is more storage. Do the same for the upper corner cabinets. The ones where the door is a hinged two-piece is a pia! A tall pantry with all pull out shelves will more than pay for itself in the ease of use and the amount of storage – plus no more having to move things around to get to what’s in the back – you can see everything you have.

If you have a choice get at least part of the upper cabinets in 42″ rather than the usual 30″. That space above the cabinets is wasted and just gathers dust. Having that extra storage behind doors is great for things you don’t use often – but still have to be put someplace. A slide out cutting board is nice to have and doesn’t have to be stored when you’re not using it. If it’s in your budget a trash compactor is great. I’d put all the money I had into the cabinets – I’ve never found the organizers you purchase from Lowe’s etc to fit well in the cabinets.