My wife took over from my ironing and dropped the iron onto our not so old nylon/wool blend carpet and it has left an imprint of the iron. Have tried a scraper blade with little success. Any ideas.

If I can help I’ll be amazed. I’m not a homeowner, just aspire to be. I read about this long ago, for some other kind of stain, maybe dog-related: If you installed or managed the orig. carpet install., you may have a piece laying around. If so, cut out the old, and CAREFULLY cut the extra piece to fit; sew it in if you have the skills; glue the edges otherwise; glue it down if the rest of the carpet is also glued down. Cutting is usually easiest with a sharp razor-knife/boxcutter, along the warp and weft (when did you last use those words?). Carpet pile will usually hide your cuts. I hope you have some depth to the pile.

I think it was recommended that the patch be prepared first, and then placed over the stain, so it is cut in such a way as to assure the shapes and sizes are right. Sounds difficult, but see what you can do. (I’m also assuming no pattern or an easily aligned pattern.)

If you did NOT save a piece of the original carpet, then find a piece you ran into a closet floor or a much smaller room like the sewing room, or under a major piece of furniture that you’ll never move, and cut out your patch from THERE! Danger / Warning: if the patch has never seen sunlight, the colors may not quite match. Don’t look at me for a solution. Is your wife going to attempt this? Now wasn’t that simple? (I don’t know bout you, but I’m crossing my fingers.)

Thanks very much for that hint. I think we will have to do it that way. I do know about warp and weft as my 1st job was as a junior salesman selling carpet and had to visit manufacturers. Oh so long ago. It is a very plain carpet so that is in favour but is in a stand out area so just putting something over it to hide is not an option. Unsure about sewing it in but may try some of the magic tape they use these days. Fingers crossed. Keep warm as groundhog tell s of another 6 weeks of cold. Thanks goodness we do not have ground hogs.

To match anything like this, lay your patch over the area and cut both at the same time, that way your seams will match perfectly. You’ll need a good carpet knife for this. If you can’t get through both layers, cut the carpet section then match it up over the patch and cut the patch, should fit fine. Be sure to cut or mark both face up or face down so it’s not reversed and don’t move the direction of the patch once you cut it. Chalk or painters tape work to mark direction. The new carpet tape should work well to close the seams depending on what type of pad you have.

I agree, and try to notice the nap of the pile of the replacement piece of carpet when you lay it down in the first place. (nap is the direction of the tezture that the pile has) However, I would consider doing just the opposite as the below suggestion in regards to cutting both pieces separately (if you can’t sut them through both layers at the same time). I would cut the replacement piece first, then lay it over the area to be removed in the very spot that I intend to lay it, and then use that as my guide (template to cut around) as I cut the old piece below. (But, I could be wrong on this.)